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Thanks for signing the petition! On May 23rd, United Airlines will be holding their annual shareholders meeting. This is the time to make sure United Airlines hears us all loud and clear that their abusive practices and intimidation tactics must end. Join us in holding United Airlines accountable for their actions.

United Catering workers and their families are counting on us, can you amplify their voices by sharing these posts and tweets?

    #UnitedDoesntCare about their immigrant workers. Over 95% of @United Airlines catering workers are immigrants and people of color, but they’re treated as second class. No more, demand #EqualityAtUnited #LetThemUnionize

    #UnitedDoesntCare that their Pacific Islander catering workers live in poverty. @United made $2.1 billion last year in profits while catering workers can’t afford healthcare or even internet for their families. We demand #EqualityAtUnited, tell @United to #LetThemUnionize