In a year of grief and revolution, we are ready for a radical new future.

We have always known that our people are the ones who will lead us forward. We are the descendants of people who tapped into their own resilience to create radical new futures. From our families to our movement ancestors, this is our Asian American lineage.

Our elders and ancestors - both blood and chosen - had to be bold and unapologetic to build new futures for their loved ones. They adapted, innovated, and took leaps of faith for better lives. From immigrant aunties to beloved activist elders - our organizing work wouldn’t be possible without them!

We’re launching our most ambitious fundraising campaign to raise $25,000 to fund Asian American futures.

Many of our elders had to take risks to survive and radically change their conditions. This moment asks us to take courageous action and we know our communities have what it takes to win. We take in their fiery spirit and honor it with our own fight for social change.

Your coin funds Asian America’s community power, resilience, and futures. Here’s a look at what you made possible this year.

We dream of a world where our communities aren’t torn apart by prisons and deportation. A world where workers have rights and dignity. Where the earth is healed. Where our votes count. A world where our elders are safe, and so are we.