In a year of uncertainty, we became certain of who we are.

Like many of you, 2020 has been heartbreaking and heart opening for us. The dual plagues of the pandemic and state violence came for those closest to us. This year brought deep loss, grief, and economic hardship. At 18MR, we fought like hell to resource our communities, in spite of being under-resourced ourselves.

But we learned that what we do with our grief is part of who we become. And this year, you showed up with us. With our broken hearts, we organized with more care and courage for our people than ever. We learned that abolition and healing mean saying no to white supremacy and capitalist culture, and saying yes to rest, change, and radical care every single day. We learned that no single individual is coming to save us, but our fierce and loving communities have what it takes to win.

In times of uncertainty, 18MR is certain that we are your radical Asian American home. Now, we’re launching our most ambitious fundraising campaign yet: we need to raise $10,000 by November 30 in order to sustain our political home for the long haul.

Your coin funds Asian America’s community power, resilience, and because it’s 2020, it even helps us proactively stop a coup. Here’s a look at what you made possible this year:

We’re not going anywhere. When COVID-19 hit and Trump’s sinophobia sparked anti-Asian attacks against our communities, your coin funded critical political education on Yellow Peril, a virtual somatic healing space for Asian Americans, and a way for nearly 10,000 people to demand Twitter and Facebook stop spreading hate and disinformation.

You’re helping us push boundaries as we reimagine Asian American identity.Your coin helped us write an abolitionist letter to our families asking them to stop calling the police on Black folks. That letter – translated into 13 languages by members like you – helped over 2,000 Asian American families take a pledge to choose community care over cops.

We’re working beyond any single election and beyond the state to free our people. You raised enough coin to free three people from a cage, in honor of Yuri and Malcolm’s birthday this year. And when ICE Director Tony Pham came for our freedom fighters, your coin is making sure we get all charges dropped against those who dare to imagine a world without ICE.

We committed through action this year and we’ve been committing. Asians For Black Lives is more than a slogan– it means resourcing Black lives. We brought back our popular A4BL shirts and together we invested over $15K in Black queer and trans-led organizing in the Midwest, California, and deep South.

We have the leadership and values to bring us through these uncertain times. Your coin helped us build a vibrant archive of everyday movement leaders and invest in the leadership of healers in Asian America. You’re making sure our radical legacy can never be erased or forgotten.

Your coin is care. Will you invest in your radical Asian American home?

For gifts of $25 or more, you’ll get:

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